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It is our aim to make Bird Semple the natural first choice for private client asset protection work in the West of Scotland and further afield.

We believe that the days of the large “all service” legal firm are coming to an end. The size, speed and complexity of commercial and corporate legal work nowadays demands large specialist commercial firms. In our view the remaining “all service” (but mainly commercial) firms will find it increasingly difficult to give the expert personal service that private clients need, at a sensible cost, since their priorities increasingly lie with their corporate and commercial clients.

As a result, we intend to attract the best private client lawyers now working in large “all service” firms, as they discover that their work becomes increasing peripheral to these large and mainly commercial practices.

Naturally, the world is not only changing for lawyers, and like any other professional adviser, we need to make sure that we are at the forefront of those changes which will affect and, hopefully, benefit our clients.

We have therefore redoubled our commitment to the application of information technology to our practice, to make sure that our client communication, our speed of response and our quality control procedures meet the high standards that you have every right to expect.

We are developing our Website so that clients can gain access to records of their transactions with the firm. In the same way, we are continuously updating our office systems for fax, dictation, electronic storage and the management of client documents to make sure that we provide prompt, accurate and user-friendly information and service.

Increasingly clients wish to be contacted by e-mail rather than letter. This not only speeds up communication but is also more convenient, particularly for business clients who spend more time on the move than ever before.

However, despite the many changes that have occurred since the arrival of the mobile phone and the Internet revolution, it is also important for us to remember that, for the private client, many things have not changed and do not change.

We believe that clients will always want easy access to friendly, expert advice. They will want absolute honesty, confidentiality and integrity from their advisers. They will want clear advice and attentive service; and, most of all, they will want trust and confidence.

We are acutely conscious of the trust and confidence that generations of clients have placed in the firm. This means that despite the many changes that Bird Semple is making to improve service to the client in this new millennium, we must still maintain the values and standards that have won that trust over many years.

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